e-School Management Solution

 e-SMS - A educational software solution for the schools/Institutes is a complete application which helps to upgrade the standard of any school not only in the management level but also helps in transforming the educational standards, increase the security system of the school, manage the resources in efficient way, reduces the communication gap between the parents, faculties and management team, provides complete IT infrastructure to the schools like biometric attendance system, online CCTV cameras, GPS system in transport and barcode reader, with zero expenditure of the school authority.

  1. e-SMS is must for the current day schools. Schools are mired with operational difficulties. The head of the school has to employ many talents to manage various faces of an institution. With this model, delivering consistent quality education comes at a big price.
  2. e-SMS eliminates the pain endured by the common schools in their day to day operations. By focusing on each aspect of the School Practice Management, e-SMS ensures that these processes are smoothly managed with little or no effort.
  3. e-SMS specially focuses on the security of the School data.
  4. e-SMS does not warrant any huge upfront deployment costs.
  5. e-SMS also does not require a large team of trained professionals to manage the mundane maintenance tasks of any given School.
  6. e-SMS would assist the School management, Faculties, students and the parents in getting the up to date information at their finger tips.

This software also gives you a great return on investment. Some of the direct and indirect benefits are mentioned below.

  1. Simplifies the complete operation of the college.
  2. Enhanced user management takes care of security of data among staffs at different levels and board members.
  3. Security for students by effective transport monitoring.
  4. Performance monitoring helps in strategic planning and eases decision making for authorities.
  5. Parent access portal also helps in branding and reputation of the college.


  1. Syllabus Setting for Each Standard- For each standard, syllabus can be set differently. Thus the system supports different syllabus for different curriculum
  2. Class/ Section Details Entry -Class and section can be selected from the list and specific information like number of students, building location, maximum number of students who can be allowed in a particular class can be set
  3. Class/Division Edit/Change- The system provides essential support by editing the class details for changing a syllabus for existing class for a new academic year.
  4. Application Submission- Application form details can be entered for processing the application. The criteria based searching and listing can be done to allocate a student for a particular class
  5. Student Details Entry- Student details include personal details, family details, health details and student history. The system checks for all essential field entry for admission data. Optional fields can be entered later while editing.
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This module integrates the fees collection details with the real time details of the fees can be viewed. Here the fee types are configured, student fee payment and other fee payments are monitored. Option to obtain a duplicate receipt is also provided..

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This Module Provides as you might be aware that Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released new guidelines for evaluation of the students for secondary classes. We are migrating/updating to the prescribed formats with minimal efforts, by using our Student Performance Module. SPM Report Card Preparation Module of "e-SMS" enables schools in comprehensive and continuous evaluation of students by providing various analysis reports.

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User management takes care of access rights for various faculties and staff. Only the administrator will be able to make changes or even view college information setup. Administrator will be able to set, activate and deactivate rights for any and every account as and when required. This type of management takes care of security breaches of data among staffs and various other users.


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